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Wherever you are,
you can access Alliance’s nationwide service network,
with replacement parts and fast repairs.


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We receive the customer’s call
and carefully listen to the problem description.

This is a crucial, delicate moment, during which we collect the important details for planning out the response.

Telephone troubleshooting.

On the telephone with the customer, using the LiDAT system, we work to resolve the fault remotely.

Remote resolution of
the problem and sending
of any necessary parts.

If the type of fault can be resolved quickly, we immediately send the original parts to the customer.

Alerting of the team
and operational equipment.

When the problem requires a field service call, we organise the technical team best qualified to tackle it, and simultaneously arrange to deliver the replacement parts to the site.

Logistical organisation
of the service call.

We plan the service call to make it strategic, effective, and as quick as possible.


The team sets off
to the destination.