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Alliance offers personalised training courses for the specific needs of operators and maintainers of port equipment, to keep up-to-date on regulatory and technological developments, and comply with the requirements of articles 36-37, Lgsl.D. 81/08. Participants receive a certificate attesting the knowledge gained during the course.

Improving the skills, competitiveness and professionalism of port operators, to provide a service of high quality and efficiency.

– Training courses for operators
– Training courses for maintenance technicians

The Full Service format comprises the planning of routine and scheduled maintenance, that is, of regular checks on plant and equipment. At each service, a specific report is issued, and the relevant forms and maintenance sheets are compiled. The programme follows the latest recommendations set out by LIEBHERR. In addition, there is a fast response service to cover unforeseen events.

Currently, Alliance manages a number of terminals with the full service format.

Customers benefit from the dependable serviceability of all equipment: downtime is avoided, ensuring that vessel loading and unloading is completed normally. Most importantly, terminals that lack an organised in-house maintenance department can benefit from outsourcing to Alliance. In this way, they avoid having to hire the necessary personnel, and are assured of optimal results for every service.

– Mechanical, hydraulic, electric, electronic
– Replacement parts 
– Specific and regular inspections (es. ropes, structure. . etc)
– Regular checkups according to law

Alliance regularly carries out the routine maintenance actions required by the manufacturer LIEBHERR. These include scheduled services and checks which can be done on-site or, in the case of material handling equipment, at our service centre.

Adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule keeps the equipment in good working order, minimising the risk of downtime.

The equipment is thoroughly checked and serviced, taking care of every part and component.

reachstackers, which means it can access the electronic system of the equipment. This is an important capability because it permits faster and more accurate fault diagnostics. Added to this is Alliance’s extensive service network across Italy, which enables it to promptly intervene anywhere.

Customers have a partner who is “close at hand” during critical times, always and no matter what.

Alliance plans out the services in agreement with the customer to avoid interfering with their operations, and taking maritime traffic into account. Planned maintenance can concern any aspect of the equipment, including the software updates developed and recommended by LIEBHERR.

The planned maintenance keeps the equipment perfectly up-to-date, at both the hardware and software level.

Alliance technicians can take care of assembling harbour cranes, reachstackers, and any type of LIEBHERR port equipment. Equipment assembly is inclusive of final testing and field adjustments. The equipment is delivered perfectly ready to use.

The purchased equipment is immediately operational, and guaranteed to be in perfect working order. The specialisation of Alliance technicians assures the utmost reliability.

We perform complete structural equipment overhauls, with a warranty service. Specifically, our technicians perform hydraulic, electrical, electronic and mechanical overhauls of LIEBHERR port equipment using dedicated technical instruments.

We also perform “supplementary” checks to identify any faults or defects that may have occurred during use of the crane or stacker. These checks also determine the residual lifetime of the equipment and its safety conditions.

The overhauls give you access to direct manufacturer service, original spare parts, and Alliance’s specialist expertise.

Alliance offers a service for the supply and sale of parts for LIEBHERR harbour cranes, reachstackers and other mechanical equipment, with deliveries anywhere in Italy. Our experts quickly identify and request the necessary components, while our network of service centres ensures that all parts are available and delivered in the shortest possible time.

The original LIEBHERR parts are guaranteed and promptly available, they ensure the value of the equipment is preserved over time, optimising its functionality over the long term.

Alliance can promptly intervene anywhere in Italy, thanks to its service centres situated in 4 strategic locations: Ravenna, Genoa, Caserta and Bari.

The customer’s equipment can be quickly put back to work, to the benefit of productivity.